Last week l made a deal that if my friend would get me fit, l would apply for the TA. So we shuck hands and made a deal. Oh my goodness l can’t go back now.

Day two of my training and l am starting to feel it but l feel pretty amazing. In the past l would just workout for fun but l use to always slack and l never got anywhere, because sometimes l would say l will workout next week and l never did it. But a lot of the time our busy work life will always get in the way and we don’t have time for it. But that’s where you need to say to yourself l just got to do it, if l want to be fit and healthy l need to make sacrifices.

So day two of my training l did muscle exercises like the squats and lunges which let me tell you are a killer, but defiantly worth it and l am feeling my legs today. Yesterday l did a lot of running, and when working out l would recommend that running is one of the best to loose calories.

Nutrition: I now have a food plan that l have to stick to Monday to Friday, most of it includes protein, carbs and veg. I feel its defiantly helping me because it means l am cooking my own meals and not being lazy. I have also reduced my alcohol intake and leaving an occasional glass of wine for special occasions.

I want to thank everyone who has wished me luck, it seriously means a lot. 🙂

Life is full of ups and downs, l really would like us all to encourage and to love ourselves wherever we are on this journey and to tell ourselves we are doing great. Encourage each other to live our fullest potential and build each other up. Its all about positivity. x


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