Four months ago l decided to start intense training so l could be fit enough for the army. I made that decision and l went for it. I made a deal and l stuck to it. Four weeks of training already done and l am getting stronger every day.


I think its all to do with motivation and discipline. If you want to work out you need both. And that’s why l made the decision to get trained for the army.

My inspiration is my Grandad, who was in the army all those years ago. This is his hat and l will treasure it even when l am successful in the army. To have his army hat on my head is so over powering and l want to make him proud. I will go into the army not just for me but for him. I have two weeks of training then l will be applying. Eekk. To get this far with my training l feel so proud of myself. It will be an honour when l get into the army.11425486_10152987706140959_2375231427014919147_n


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