Family and Child 2015

Planning to have your family photos taken can be an exciting time! You will be spending  time together and creating memories for you to enjoy. I feel its important to choose a photographer who can capture you as you really are, the true you. I specialise in photographing children and families and bringing out the best in them to photograph and capture their character and smiles.


I would like to explain what Custom photography is. Its basically luxury investment. It requires a lot of time and money, commitment and planning as well as a big amount of time for the photographer. It is a special experience and one worth investing in if you appreciate quality.

Custom photography is based on being unique and having a unique style. It is really wonderful to have an experience where you can trust a photographer. It is well worth investing in a photographer who values your experience and wants you to have the best time and images that will last.


Together we will discuss ideas to make a beautiful experience for you, to create your story thorough photography. I like to work with you to design a theme for your session, that will tell your unique story through imagery in a unique and beautiful way that is personal to you.

Each session that l do is completely different, unique to you. I do put a lot of time and ideas into your session to make it amazing. DSC_0014A session with me just really requires you to be yourself and to not worry about anything. I am there to photograph you as you are. I love capturing your true story.

Sessions with me are a lot of fun, personalised and unique. And we do normally take short breaks if you have little ones as they can get tired.


£50 – 50 Digital files onto disc

£100 – for the full collection of digital files onto disc, which includes black and white

The full collection of edited files from the session is (normally around 100+ which includes the back and white files.) You can make as many prints as you wish. This makes it a great investment to keep all of your beautiful photos!

Sessions include:
◾MY time and talent throughout your experience, this includes discussions beforehand via email/meet up if you wish.
◾The session at a location. Each session is round 2-3 hrs.
◾Processing of the images in Abbie’s unique style.

If you have any further questions about bookings, or anything you are unsure of please feel free to contact me! We can also meet up upon booking if you feel you’d like to have a chat over a coffee to discuss ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope you can join us for your session with Abigail Chanelle photography. 🙂


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