Its great to share your talent, experience and knowledge as there is people out there who need you. 🙂 You have a purpose, so use it to inspire others.

Did you know that your biggest decisions will be your biggest risks.


Live your dreams. Create art. Inspire others. 

be true

I think happiness begins with having a positive outlook on life. Being true to who we are, having a beautiful mind and the wisdom to share it.

Don’t hide creativity

Being creative and having a creative mind brings freedom. It has light and movement. It reflects our emotions. It is the magic we find in preparing to be creative by the notes we scribble down. It is imperfect. But those imperfections make it wonderful.

I am happiest when l am in the flow of my creative mind. Whether l have my camera or designing bridal jewellery. I believe in creative freedom.

Embrace it. 


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