2015 Has been a wonderful year for me. From capturing a wedding on Valentine’s Day to planning an animal themed model project. I have enjoyed putting these images together, because l have realised l do have the best job ever! I get to hang out with such amazing people. It makes me so happy being able to call clients friends. 🙂 I get the honour of documenting these amazing moments, that will be treasured for a long time.

So yeah 2015 has been a great year for me. Bring on 2016, it should be an even better year. I am excited for 2016 and to meet all the new amazing clients.

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Family and Child 2015

Planning to have your family photos taken can be an exciting time! You will be spending  time together and creating memories for you to enjoy. I feel its important to choose a photographer who can capture you as you really are, the true you. I specialise in photographing children and families and bringing out the best in them to photograph and capture their character and smiles.


I would like to explain what Custom photography is. Its basically luxury investment. It requires a lot of time and money, commitment and planning as well as a big amount of time for the photographer. It is a special experience and one worth investing in if you appreciate quality.

Custom photography is based on being unique and having a unique style. It is really wonderful to have an experience where you can trust a photographer. It is well worth investing in a photographer who values your experience and wants you to have the best time and images that will last.


Together we will discuss ideas to make a beautiful experience for you, to create your story thorough photography. I like to work with you to design a theme for your session, that will tell your unique story through imagery in a unique and beautiful way that is personal to you.

Each session that l do is completely different, unique to you. I do put a lot of time and ideas into your session to make it amazing. DSC_0014A session with me just really requires you to be yourself and to not worry about anything. I am there to photograph you as you are. I love capturing your true story.

Sessions with me are a lot of fun, personalised and unique. And we do normally take short breaks if you have little ones as they can get tired.


ÂŁ50 – 50 Digital files onto disc

ÂŁ100 – for the full collection of digital files onto disc, which includes black and white

The full collection of edited files from the session is (normally around 100+ which includes the back and white files.) You can make as many prints as you wish. This makes it a great investment to keep all of your beautiful photos!

Sessions include:
â—ľMY time and talent throughout your experience, this includes discussions beforehand via email/meet up if you wish.
â—ľThe session at a location. Each session is round 2-3 hrs.
â—ľProcessing of the images in Abbie’s unique style.

If you have any further questions about bookings, or anything you are unsure of please feel free to contact me! We can also meet up upon booking if you feel you’d like to have a chat over a coffee to discuss ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope you can join us for your session with Abigail Chanelle photography. 🙂


Today’s post is about Preparing for your photo shoot if you have a fear of the camera. We all get nervous one way or the other, kids are the most common for being nervous and shy around new people but so do adults. I come across people all the time who say “I hate my photograph being taken” As a photographer I am not camera shy at all but l have felt awkward in front of a camera before, when someone has been in my face giving me orders, that would put anyone off. amy&iona

What makes us nervous about having our photographs taken?

1 ~ Feel uncomfortable 

2 ~ Don’t like someone in your face with a camera

3 ~ Not sure what to do

4 ~ We don’t like the way we look in photographs

We all have these kind of feelings, or don’t like the way we look. It’s normal for us to pick at the things we don’t like about ourselves and judge. To be in that kind of position where you are being photographed when you are not comfortable in the first place with yourself is awful and doesn’t really help your confidence at all. Moments that happen naturally occur when we are happy and enjoying life, really show those real emotions. This is what I look for and want to show within my work. When you don’t realise that you are being photographed, when you are happy these natural beautifully occurring moments are always the best. DSC_0004Is there a way to feel more confident before our session?

I say this all the time, every photographer has a different way of working. Some create more of a pose to there work and others very natural. My advice and tips if you are feeling nervous before a shoot: ~

~ Dont worry about where the camera is, If you are constantly aware of the camera the chances are  that you won’t relax. The best thing I say to do is to concentrate on who you are having the shoot with. If it’s a couples shoot then I’ll usually tell you to focus on them, talk,  snuggle,  and walk together and the feeling of being uneasy will start to go.

~ The best thing you can do is just BE YOURSELF. You may not feel relaxed when we first meet on the day of the shoot, we do all take time to get into our comfort zones. Pretty much most of the time l don’t start shooting straight away, l like to chat and walk for a bit, l also have fun with the children playing with them, talking with them, or generally just having a laugh! hannah&sophieBecause my work is very natural and personalised, we will be in a place you are familiar with or doing things that you enjoy doing. If we are doing a couple session then I will encourage you to talk and interact with each other, it always put you in a more positive and comfortable state of mind. I do offer direction throughout the sessions but they are to let you know pretty much how things are and also trying new things out. Most of the time l don’t stay in one spot.

We have a little post from a client about how she felt nervous before her session and how she managed to over come it.


Before I did my photo shoot with abbie I was quite nervous about what to expect, I didn’t know what to wear, what to do or how to act in front of the camera. But during the shoot abbie made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera, it is really Scary doing a photo shoot but the thing l found is don’t think about doing it just do it! After a few minutes you forget the camera is there and you end up having fun with it.



DSC_0030A few days ago our beautiful little girl passed away at 4:45pm She was very old and we knew she would go at any time. She has lived for 15 years so she has had a wonderful life.

Back in September l decided it was time to get a few photos done with Cherrie and the family. And l am so glad l made the choice then because two months later she was gone. PERSONALSome people will not understand the bond we have with our pets, but the friendship grows and grows and you get closer, they become your best friend. DSC_0004I am so so greatful l have all these memories to look back on. Its really hard for me at the moment. I looked after her the day she died. I held her in my arms telling her how much l loved her. Lots of kisses and cuddles, letting her know that l will see her again.

I have enjoyed putting this video together, very emotional. I hope you enjoy it.



This evenings post is all to do with why we photographers shoot in raw and the benfits to why.

RAW is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo. When shooting in JPEG, information is compressed and lost. Because no information is compressed with RAW, you’re able to produce higher quality images, as well as correct problem images that would be unrecoverable if shot in the JPEG format. When shooting in RAW you get the Highest Level of Quality.

As a photographer we shoot in RAW because a RAW file needs to be processed, it has to be edited because we like to have complete control over our camera, we dont want the camera taking over us. So we have full control when we process our images. DSC_0004And thats what l love about being a photographer we create our own style by editing our work to our own liking, and shooting in RAW is the best way of getting those high quality images. All photographers should know that by shooting in RAW there is editing that needs to be done even if its just a basic edit anything else is to do with the style of work. I have came into contact with photographers that don’t want to do any editing, they want there camera to do everything for them, unfortunately you can’t just give a client a raw file you have to do something with that raw file by editing it.  But what you need to know also is that a raw file won’t usually have included the in-camera sharpening that jpeg provides, this also needs to be done in the editing process.

My style is soft, dreamy, vintage, film and rich with colour and thats how l like to edit my work, l do keep my work looking as natural as possible. I like to make sure that everything in camera is set correctly before l bring my work to photoshop. So all l am doing is making my work better and pretty much letting my work speak for itself. Thats what l aim to acheve.IMG_9985So Basically if you’re shooting in jpeg and you hit the shutter to let all the beautiful light into your sensor and record the image onto your memory card, the camera collects the information and quickly compresses it down into a reasonably sized file. But if you shoot in raw, your camera is pretty much saying, YOU deal with it! this means that you have total, blissful control over your entire image. 🙂


A few weeks ago l had the pleasure of photographing my mum and her husband with our little dog Cherrie. All they were wanting was to have some unique pictures with cherrie. And l certanly did that. The sun was setting behind them which l thought was really lovely and great light. DSC_0004DSC_00033DSC_0014DSC_0003

If your interested in having your photos taken with your pet dog then please do get in contact.