Its great to share your talent, experience and knowledge as there is people out there who need you. 🙂 You have a purpose, so use it to inspire others.

Did you know that your biggest decisions will be your biggest risks.


Live your dreams. Create art. Inspire others. 

be true

I think happiness begins with having a positive outlook on life. Being true to who we are, having a beautiful mind and the wisdom to share it.

Don’t hide creativity

Being creative and having a creative mind brings freedom. It has light and movement. It reflects our emotions. It is the magic we find in preparing to be creative by the notes we scribble down. It is imperfect. But those imperfections make it wonderful.

I am happiest when l am in the flow of my creative mind. Whether l have my camera or designing bridal jewellery. I believe in creative freedom.

Embrace it. 



Four months ago l decided to start intense training so l could be fit enough for the army. I made that decision and l went for it. I made a deal and l stuck to it. Four weeks of training already done and l am getting stronger every day.


I think its all to do with motivation and discipline. If you want to work out you need both. And that’s why l made the decision to get trained for the army.

My inspiration is my Grandad, who was in the army all those years ago. This is his hat and l will treasure it even when l am successful in the army. To have his army hat on my head is so over powering and l want to make him proud. I will go into the army not just for me but for him. I have two weeks of training then l will be applying. Eekk. To get this far with my training l feel so proud of myself. It will be an honour when l get into the army.11425486_10152987706140959_2375231427014919147_n


I remember when l first started out in photography, how bad l was trying to create my first website. I look back now and think why. But we all start somewhere right! I could feel myself getting better at photography everyday.

I do talk to myself often telling myself “l am not ready to post this shoot yet or put this site up” In life things do not have to be perfect, they just always need improving. I would encourage you to be in flow with yourself.

From time to time l do often ask myself, ”What would I do if I didn’t have to do it perfectly” I think the first thing that comes into my mind is my future, where will l go from here, when will l marry, will l ever have children. I defiantly find myself saying when l have x amount of money in the bank, l will find a way of shaping my future.

I am going to take my own advice and know that in life all the things you learn, you learn as you go.

Remember your desires and interests. Take action on them.



Last week l made a deal that if my friend would get me fit, l would apply for the TA. So we shuck hands and made a deal. Oh my goodness l can’t go back now.

Day two of my training and l am starting to feel it but l feel pretty amazing. In the past l would just workout for fun but l use to always slack and l never got anywhere, because sometimes l would say l will workout next week and l never did it. But a lot of the time our busy work life will always get in the way and we don’t have time for it. But that’s where you need to say to yourself l just got to do it, if l want to be fit and healthy l need to make sacrifices.

So day two of my training l did muscle exercises like the squats and lunges which let me tell you are a killer, but defiantly worth it and l am feeling my legs today. Yesterday l did a lot of running, and when working out l would recommend that running is one of the best to loose calories.

Nutrition: I now have a food plan that l have to stick to Monday to Friday, most of it includes protein, carbs and veg. I feel its defiantly helping me because it means l am cooking my own meals and not being lazy. I have also reduced my alcohol intake and leaving an occasional glass of wine for special occasions.

I want to thank everyone who has wished me luck, it seriously means a lot. 🙂

Life is full of ups and downs, l really would like us all to encourage and to love ourselves wherever we are on this journey and to tell ourselves we are doing great. Encourage each other to live our fullest potential and build each other up. Its all about positivity. x


DSC_0019This afternoon l took a walk down to the beach because l needed a place to escape to and to find peace and relaxation. I was inspired by the sound of the sea and the water splashing on the rocks. The sea was coming in so l had to keep moving back haha.

Because its been raining over christmas l had a reason to go out today and take some beautiful pictures. seaCollage


DSC_0030A few days ago our beautiful little girl passed away at 4:45pm She was very old and we knew she would go at any time. She has lived for 15 years so she has had a wonderful life.

Back in September l decided it was time to get a few photos done with Cherrie and the family. And l am so glad l made the choice then because two months later she was gone. PERSONALSome people will not understand the bond we have with our pets, but the friendship grows and grows and you get closer, they become your best friend. DSC_0004I am so so greatful l have all these memories to look back on. Its really hard for me at the moment. I looked after her the day she died. I held her in my arms telling her how much l loved her. Lots of kisses and cuddles, letting her know that l will see her again.

I have enjoyed putting this video together, very emotional. I hope you enjoy it.