Q&AWhere are your favourite types of locations to shoot? And why are they your favourite?                                                Woodlands and open spaces are my favourite places to shoot. Shooting in these types of places describes my style of work, and l love the natural beauty.  

 What is the advantage of shooting on location as opposed to studio?

I feel l have a lot more to work with and always get inspired while on shoot. But its also to do with my style of work, as shooting on location really does open up more opportunities, and children don’t get bored easily. Its a breath of fresh air and l am grateful that l am able to shoot in such beautiful locations.

How do you go about chosing locations?

When it comes to chosing a location, l look for woodlands, open fields and open spaces that will describe the story l am about to shoot. I also listen to the client as l love to be able to shoot at there favourite locations.

Does using natural light on location affect your shooting methods? Or your style?

No it doesnt, affect in any way, but when using the natural light that is available you need to choose the right settings as natural light changes every second so you need to be on the ball with settings. Every lighting situation through out the day is different so you need to know your settings when shooting early hrs of the morning to late afternoon. It doesnt affect my style of work at all because l know what times l need to shoot to create the perfect softness.

How is location photography different from studio?

I feel its very different because l think when shooting on location you have more of a variety to work with, more opportunities and inspiration. And more of a natural look too. But its all to do with the kind of style you like to shoot.

Why do you choose a location over a studio?

I love working on location, its natural and gives more opportunities and inspiration.

If you have bad weather in the middle of a shoot what would you do?

When bad weather happens l like to cancel it and reschedual for another day. I have had sessions where it has rained mid session and we have had magical moments, those are the moments that are the best.

What helpes you to choose the best location?

Its mainly inspiration that helps me to find the best beautiful locations l can find. Also when a shoot is based on a story that gets me really inspired to find the perfect location that fits it well.

What time of the day is best for a shoot outdoors?

I love to shoot early morning and early afternoon. In summer my best times to shoot is morning and late afternoon, l have found the lighting is perfect for me and my work.

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Part three April ~ Q&A Models and Portraits


How long have you been doing photo shoots?

I started leaning 2 years ago, practicing with family and friends. And l just picked it up from there really. I started doing model projects end of last year.

What inspires you when doing portraits?

Gosh anything inspires me, one way or another. When l am organising portrait sessions l really base it off what the client wants and then see how l can make it unique and personalised in a natural personal way. When l am out, hunting for locations, and when l see beautiful light it gets me really inspired.

What kind of shoots do you do?

I like to plan different types of model projects, as l think its great to have a good selection of different shoots. The kind of shoots l do is based on a theme. I always like to add a vintage feel into my themes as that’s my style of work and l like my projects to be unique and quirky too. When it comes to model or portrait shoots its really based on what the client wants, l then work around their ideas and mine and put them together to create a fab session. All my sessions are on location, using only the natural light that is available to me.

What do you bring to the shoots?

Within my projects l bring props that go with that theme, ie, if l were to do a spring project, l would bring lots of colourful flowers. When it comes to planning a portrait session l like to bring things that l feel would work with that session.

Do you offer a printing service after the shoot?

For projects l do offer a disc of the images for free. With model and portrait sessions, l also offer a disc with your images on. I also offer prints and a variety of wall products including canvas and mounted.

What’s the best way to organise a shoot with you?

Organising a session with me is pretty much straight forward. All you do is contact me via my email or through my Facebook page or website. I will then talk with you about what l offer and see what availability l have to book you a session with me. The best way to make sure your organised with myself is being prepared for your session and to book in advance.  

What kind of locations do you look for on shoots?

I like to look for open spaces with amazing light. I like to look for open fields and fields with flowers, woodlands and the beach. And many more. I look for unique locations that l feel will fit the session really well.

What type of models do you cast for shoots?

I look for models who are interested in building up there portfolio. I do generally look for the models who have some experience. If your looking at building up your portfolio and have no experience then l do offer a 1 hour model session.

Do you travel for shoots or do them from home?

I work around the area of where l live. I like looking for different and unique locations around North Wales.

How do you edit your images?

I edited my images with Photoshop CS5 using a multiple of amazing actions, and editing my images in my own unique style.  

What camera do you enjoy using the most?

The camera I use at the moment is my Nikon D60, a very good camera, but in the process of upgrading.

Do you do outdoor and indoor shoots?

I only work outdoor on location, using only the natural light that is available to me.

Do you airbrush?

No l don’t, l edit my images in my own unique style. My editing is very natural.

For you, what makes a good photograph?

For me a good photograph is capturing what matters most, creating a story through imagery . Photographs capture powerful emotions. Ultimately good photography is about looking at the world differently.

How many models would you have in one shoot?

I take up to 2 models within a shoot, which will last for up to 2 hours.

Do you have a favourite time of year to shoot?

I do indeed. Spring and Autumn. I love these seasons.

How long does a shoot take?

A model and portrait session with myself can take between 1 ~ 2 hours.

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Part two November ~ Q&A Find out about my style of work and my editing technique

CollageWhats your favorite style of shooting?

I am very into working with models at the moment although l am starting to work more with children now as well to build a portfolio up. When it comes to the shooting l like to keep things simple and work around the location l am using. I like to bring some props to my sessions so l can incorporate things into the sessions and for family sessions l like to make it as personal to them as possible, bringing out there personalities.  What kind of style of work do you do?  My style of work is natural and l like my work to come across as very natural and unique.

What programs do you use to edit? 

I edit my photos using Photoshop CS5.

Do you enjoy editing?     

Haha l love editing, even though its a long process and uses up so many hours, l am doing it for my clients who really deserve there photos to be process professionally for them.  

Doesn’t editing take something away from the photo?

This is a good question and l am sure a few people will be asking the same question. My style of work is very natural so l keep my editing simple and natural. I don’t do any photo manipulation as l feel that’s just not me and not natural. But because l shoot in RAW there is always editing that needs to be done especially adding color into the photo. I edit my photos in my unique style. Which is natural. Because l have set my settings on my camera to how l would like the photo to be l really don’t necessarily need to do much photo editing which is good.

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Part one August Q&A – Find out about me as a person and my work


What inspires you to create the pieces that you do?

I get inspired when l look out of my bedroom window or when l am out walking. I see something which to me is so beautiful that l have to take the picture. When it comes to my editing l like to keep things simple and natural. As my work comes across as natural and airy with a vintage feel to it. When it comes to my abstract work, l get really inspired when l just think of a few colors in my head and then l just paint. The great thing about abstract work is you don’t need to be perfect. Sometimes l may think of a subject like the sea or the colors of autumn. I always get inspired when l pick my camera or my paint brush up.

How do you use light and darkness in a photo or your artwork?

 Within my art l tend to blend the light into the dark so l create a texture or a gradient or sometimes the other way around. A lot of the time l tend to use a focal point. It just depends what l am creating at the time. When l take a picture l like to focus on the light rather than the dark, as l just love lots of light in my photos. Its the same with editing l add more exposure for a more lighter and natural look.   

When is the best time for you to work?

Well it kind of depends really on the weather. On a good day l like to shoot early hours of the morning for that light airy feel and also early afternoon for that same light airy look.  

how do you depict yourself in your work?

I like to come across as a natural photographer. For me to show myself and who l am within my work, all l can do is be myself with my own creative style.  

what effect does your faith have on your work?

Wow good question. To me faith does play a big part in my life and my work, because without having the positivity and guidance within my life l don’t think l would of had the confidence to go further and pursue what l would like to do. Having my heavenly father by my side every step of the way does give me courage and confidence to push myself within my photography.        

Are your dreams and aspirations depicted in your work, if so why? and how..

I would like to think so yes. I am always inspired to create something new within my photography or my art work. To me being inspired just lets me be more creative and bring my ideas to the table. I actually do have a few dreams yes, l would like to go over to America  with my camera bag and travel around, getting inspired to take as many photo opportunity’s as possible.

What got you into photography?

  I started taking pictures of family and friends and l guess it just fell naturally to me. With me being an artist and very creative, l just wanted to try something new for a change.

 How long have you been doing photography 

I started beginning of 2012 helping out as a second photographer at weddings for some experience. I did 3 weddings that year. I also did a lot of free sessions for friends and family so l could build my style. I kept doing that till 2013. Since 2012 l have came a very long way within my photography. I will be officially announcing the launch of Abigail Chanelle Photography by beginning of next year. 

do you have anyone who inspires u as a photographer?

I do yes my sister inspires me within my work because she is always telling me keep going strong and listen to myself.

If you were presented with 20 photographs of the same thing, each taken by 20 different photographers, would you be able to recognize yours amongst the others?

That’s a good question. The answer would be yes because l know my own style of work. Each photographer has there own unique style and editing technique.

where is your favorite place to take photos and why?

Forest’s and national trust places. I get really inspired when l am around so much nature.

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