On the 26th September 2015 l got to photograph such an amazing day. After chatting about ideas for the wedding, l knew it was going to be wonderful. They got married in Llandudno at the registry office and the reception in the beautiful town of llanfairfechan. The weather was beautiful and lovely company through out the day.

Words from Gem and Jamie ~

We were very happy with the pictures we had done with your lovely edits and positions you got everyone in around the split willow to take lovely photos. The price was reasonable and you were lovely to have around. You made us feel very comfortable and we loved your suggestions to new photos. Your style is lovely and I’m happy how helpful you were to assist us when I needed a photographer. I would recommend you definitely.

wedding photographyDSC_0018wedding2wedding3DSC_0029DSC_0120DSC_0137DSC_0048DSC_0087

It was so wonderful working with you both, capturing your most special day together.

I wish you both every happiness together 🙂 xx





2015 Has been a wonderful year for me. From capturing a wedding on Valentine’s Day to planning an animal themed model project. I have enjoyed putting these images together, because l have realised l do have the best job ever! I get to hang out with such amazing people. It makes me so happy being able to call clients friends. 🙂 I get the honour of documenting these amazing moments, that will be treasured for a long time.

So yeah 2015 has been a great year for me. Bring on 2016, it should be an even better year. I am excited for 2016 and to meet all the new amazing clients.

If your looking for a unique, quirky, natural photographer, please do {GET IN TOUCH}



 I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful wedding back in February. It was such a beautiful day, a breath taking venue and lovely company. Defiantly a day l will treasure. 🙂 DSC_0167After having a lovely engagement session with Andrea and Karen and there beautiful dogs, and chatting about ideas for there wedding, l knew it was going to be even more wonderful.

The day of the wedding was here and l already went up to the venue a few days before to have a look around and let me tell you l was blown away, its such a breath taking place.DSC_0009

Karen and the bridesmaids got ready in the bridal suite, its such a beautiful

They were married on valentines day, so it was a very special day with lots of red and hearts.

weddingpicsThe gardens were just beautiful so we had plenty of great spots for photos. DSC_0023DSC_0015  Andrea and Karen were lovey to photograph, they were so smiley and happy all day and it was such a pleasure to be there with them. DSC_0249 DSC_02522 DSC_02489CreatedweddingphotographyThe reception was beautiful, the room was filled with love and the cake looked beautiful. reception DSC_0286DSC_03111The evening came and more guests arrived, lovely food and lovely music was played. weddingdanceOh my.. What can l say, l loved every minute of being able to photograph such a beautiful day. x


After having one really lovely engagement session with Amy and Iona and chatting about ideas for there wedding, I knew it was going to be even more AMAZING! CollageThe day of the wedding finally arrived. A really nice simple venu. I enjoyed exploring this small venu. Really lovely. CollageA really lovely autumn wedding, and nice and simple. They were married in The Gainsborough House Hotel in kidderminster. So many beautiful personalised touches to the whole day really made it so beautiful. And l loved the theme to which was so unique. AMYANDIONASWEDDING

Iona and Amys words. ~

Prior to our engagement shoot with Abigail we were really nervous about the whole experience. Usually when we first meet someone, we are both very reserved, however Abigail was very friendly and welcoming. Unlike other photographers who are very confrontational and have that very in your face approach, Abigail looks for the naturalistic and genuine pictures.1

 She has the ability to find and capture the sincerest of memories and moments, because of this we instantly felt relaxed, like the camera wasn’t even there. The way Abigail professionally executed the photo shoot, we new that she would be the ideal person to capture our wedding.2On the 15th October 2014 we were able to capture the best memories of our big day, with our friends and family, all thanks to Abigail and her warm and welcoming approach. She managed to convince even the shyest of guests to smile for a photo. We will definitely be using Abigail in the future to capture even more memories.3Thank you Amy and Iona for your lovely kind words. It was so wonderful working with you both for your enagagement shoot as well as capturing your most special day together.

I wish you both every happiness together 🙂 x





This evenings post is all to do with why we photographers shoot in raw and the benfits to why.

RAW is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo. When shooting in JPEG, information is compressed and lost. Because no information is compressed with RAW, you’re able to produce higher quality images, as well as correct problem images that would be unrecoverable if shot in the JPEG format. When shooting in RAW you get the Highest Level of Quality.

As a photographer we shoot in RAW because a RAW file needs to be processed, it has to be edited because we like to have complete control over our camera, we dont want the camera taking over us. So we have full control when we process our images. DSC_0004And thats what l love about being a photographer we create our own style by editing our work to our own liking, and shooting in RAW is the best way of getting those high quality images. All photographers should know that by shooting in RAW there is editing that needs to be done even if its just a basic edit anything else is to do with the style of work. I have came into contact with photographers that don’t want to do any editing, they want there camera to do everything for them, unfortunately you can’t just give a client a raw file you have to do something with that raw file by editing it.  But what you need to know also is that a raw file won’t usually have included the in-camera sharpening that jpeg provides, this also needs to be done in the editing process.

My style is soft, dreamy, vintage, film and rich with colour and thats how l like to edit my work, l do keep my work looking as natural as possible. I like to make sure that everything in camera is set correctly before l bring my work to photoshop. So all l am doing is making my work better and pretty much letting my work speak for itself. Thats what l aim to acheve.IMG_9985So Basically if you’re shooting in jpeg and you hit the shutter to let all the beautiful light into your sensor and record the image onto your memory card, the camera collects the information and quickly compresses it down into a reasonably sized file. But if you shoot in raw, your camera is pretty much saying, YOU deal with it! this means that you have total, blissful control over your entire image. 🙂


I am really excited to share my first ever Engagement session working with such a lovely couple. 😀

 I met up with the lovely Iona and Amy on a beautiful sunny day at a fab location. It was such a beautiful day and very warm indeed. It was such a great opportunity to get some really great photos within this fab woodland.

Here is the full Engagement session. 😀


Iona and Amys Words:

Before we came to the photo shoot, we were a bit nervous because we didn’t know what to expect. As soon as we met you we felt comfortable enough to relax and be ourselves.

amyandiona1 After the first photograph, we completely forgot that the camera was there, it was like sharing another special memory. 

amyandionaCollageOnce the shoot was over it made us even more excited about our Wedding. Since getting the engagement photo’s, we’ve been counting down the days until the big day.

AmyandionaAmyandionaanyandionaAmyandionaamyandionaDSC_1787amyandionaAbigail is warm, welcoming and made us feel so relaxed on the day. We are grateful to find someone who loves the natural beauty as much as we do.

Thank you guys for your lovely words and thank you for a fab time. 😀

Really looking forward to shooting your wedding. xx