For the past few weeks l have been working hard with a few models on this animal themed project. I love working with models who understand my creative and unique style.


I decided on the animal theme because its something l have never done before and being a photographer and artist l love to always try exciting new projects, l like to get stuck in and get creative.


When it comes to my work, l do like to stick to what l do best and what l am able to do. I am mainly talking about the lighting here. I tend to stick with the use of lighting that I feel comfortable with as that’s where it lands me with great results, as that’s where l can focus and capture and get the shots. I have it planned out in my head how l like things to be, in terms of where l would like my models to be, how to stand and pose, maybe how l interact and the lighting too. From there l just let things happen naturally, and capture what l need to capture.


Before the shoot l like to talk with my models as much as possible before hand to make sure we have props, clothes and how things are going to plan out. I am a very organised person haha.


Colour plays a huge part in my creative process, l like rich colourful images but keeping it as natural as possible, because natural to me it the natural beauty l like to capture. Personally for me my images are created rather than being captured. DSC_0131



My work is building to a whole new level and l love how much l have grown and learned so much as a photographer and an artist.

At the moment l am working on something amazing with a bunch of amazing models. And the first shoot went amazingly well. DSC_00122

Model – Khethiwe Nomazulu

My work has been described as very unique and quirky and has a natural feel to it. And colour plays a huge part in my creative process. My work is not only captured but created.


DSC_0019This afternoon l took a walk down to the beach because l needed a place to escape to and to find peace and relaxation. I was inspired by the sound of the sea and the water splashing on the rocks. The sea was coming in so l had to keep moving back haha.

Because its been raining over christmas l had a reason to go out today and take some beautiful pictures. seaCollage


After having one really lovely engagement session with Amy and Iona and chatting about ideas for there wedding, I knew it was going to be even more AMAZING! CollageThe day of the wedding finally arrived. A really nice simple venu. I enjoyed exploring this small venu. Really lovely. CollageA really lovely autumn wedding, and nice and simple. They were married in The Gainsborough House Hotel in kidderminster. So many beautiful personalised touches to the whole day really made it so beautiful. And l loved the theme to which was so unique. AMYANDIONASWEDDING

Iona and Amys words. ~

Prior to our engagement shoot with Abigail we were really nervous about the whole experience. Usually when we first meet someone, we are both very reserved, however Abigail was very friendly and welcoming. Unlike other photographers who are very confrontational and have that very in your face approach, Abigail looks for the naturalistic and genuine pictures.1

 She has the ability to find and capture the sincerest of memories and moments, because of this we instantly felt relaxed, like the camera wasn’t even there. The way Abigail professionally executed the photo shoot, we new that she would be the ideal person to capture our wedding.2On the 15th October 2014 we were able to capture the best memories of our big day, with our friends and family, all thanks to Abigail and her warm and welcoming approach. She managed to convince even the shyest of guests to smile for a photo. We will definitely be using Abigail in the future to capture even more memories.3Thank you Amy and Iona for your lovely kind words. It was so wonderful working with you both for your enagagement shoot as well as capturing your most special day together.

I wish you both every happiness together 🙂 x




Today’s post is about Preparing for your photo shoot if you have a fear of the camera. We all get nervous one way or the other, kids are the most common for being nervous and shy around new people but so do adults. I come across people all the time who say “I hate my photograph being taken” As a photographer I am not camera shy at all but l have felt awkward in front of a camera before, when someone has been in my face giving me orders, that would put anyone off. amy&iona

What makes us nervous about having our photographs taken?

1 ~ Feel uncomfortable 

2 ~ Don’t like someone in your face with a camera

3 ~ Not sure what to do

4 ~ We don’t like the way we look in photographs

We all have these kind of feelings, or don’t like the way we look. It’s normal for us to pick at the things we don’t like about ourselves and judge. To be in that kind of position where you are being photographed when you are not comfortable in the first place with yourself is awful and doesn’t really help your confidence at all. Moments that happen naturally occur when we are happy and enjoying life, really show those real emotions. This is what I look for and want to show within my work. When you don’t realise that you are being photographed, when you are happy these natural beautifully occurring moments are always the best. DSC_0004Is there a way to feel more confident before our session?

I say this all the time, every photographer has a different way of working. Some create more of a pose to there work and others very natural. My advice and tips if you are feeling nervous before a shoot: ~

~ Dont worry about where the camera is, If you are constantly aware of the camera the chances are  that you won’t relax. The best thing I say to do is to concentrate on who you are having the shoot with. If it’s a couples shoot then I’ll usually tell you to focus on them, talk,  snuggle,  and walk together and the feeling of being uneasy will start to go.

~ The best thing you can do is just BE YOURSELF. You may not feel relaxed when we first meet on the day of the shoot, we do all take time to get into our comfort zones. Pretty much most of the time l don’t start shooting straight away, l like to chat and walk for a bit, l also have fun with the children playing with them, talking with them, or generally just having a laugh! hannah&sophieBecause my work is very natural and personalised, we will be in a place you are familiar with or doing things that you enjoy doing. If we are doing a couple session then I will encourage you to talk and interact with each other, it always put you in a more positive and comfortable state of mind. I do offer direction throughout the sessions but they are to let you know pretty much how things are and also trying new things out. Most of the time l don’t stay in one spot.

We have a little post from a client about how she felt nervous before her session and how she managed to over come it.


Before I did my photo shoot with abbie I was quite nervous about what to expect, I didn’t know what to wear, what to do or how to act in front of the camera. But during the shoot abbie made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera, it is really Scary doing a photo shoot but the thing l found is don’t think about doing it just do it! After a few minutes you forget the camera is there and you end up having fun with it.



DSC_0030A few days ago our beautiful little girl passed away at 4:45pm She was very old and we knew she would go at any time. She has lived for 15 years so she has had a wonderful life.

Back in September l decided it was time to get a few photos done with Cherrie and the family. And l am so glad l made the choice then because two months later she was gone. PERSONALSome people will not understand the bond we have with our pets, but the friendship grows and grows and you get closer, they become your best friend. DSC_0004I am so so greatful l have all these memories to look back on. Its really hard for me at the moment. I looked after her the day she died. I held her in my arms telling her how much l loved her. Lots of kisses and cuddles, letting her know that l will see her again.

I have enjoyed putting this video together, very emotional. I hope you enjoy it.